CLASSIC Designed and developed for the greatest pride of comfort. Classic is an absolute piece of art for its beauty and design, and naturally the best for healthy sleep. A perfect choice for health-conscious people who really yearn for a genuine natural touch.>>>Design : Classic Contemporary>>>System : Lotus exclusive Twin Spring® technology provides the best accuracy in weight absorbing than the Zoning Back Support system>>>Topper : 2 layers of Plush & Classic specification of Talalay® Latex>>>Finish Style : Handmade with edgeless style. Topped with Topper Support I™ for timeless beauty and ultra plush comfort.>>>Fabric Cover : Velour, A++ grade apparel combined with finest natural fibers>>>Extra Cares : Sanicare® and Aloe-Vera® coatings for permanent resistance against dust mites and bacteria for its lifetime, and soothing your skin nicely with natural extract moisturizer from Aloe Vera.

Lotus ที่นอน
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