NINA Created in response to needs of those who seek simplified elegance of comfort. Nina collection represents both beauty and healthy lifestyle. Correct support promises serenity with every move. Finely designed, it fits the lifestyle of those who care for the minute details of their sleep and health.>>>Design : Simplified Classic>>>System : Lotus exclusive Marshall Coil® 4200 series technology provides the true serenity in both weight absorbing and provide deep comfort. Smooth momentum of springs enhanced by high quality pocketed fabric. Each coil functions independently to keep you uninterrupted throughout the cozy night.>>>Topper : 2 layers of Plush & Firm/Plush specification of Talalay™ Latex>>>Finish Style : Handmade with edgeless style. Enhanced with Pillow Top Insert™ (hides Pillow Top Quilt™ at both ends of the mattress) latest form of fine art on bed.>>>Fabric Cover : Velour Knitted grade apparel combined with finest natural fibers>>>Extra Cares : Sanicare® and Aloe-Vera® coatings for permanent resistance against dust mites and bacteria for its lifetime, and soothing your skin nicely with natural extract moisturizer from Aloe Vera.

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