WOODFIELD A piece of fine art for traditional beauty sleep is what best describes Woodfield collection. It is for those who are ready for different levels of firmness and medium/plush on different sides of the mattress. Follow the tradition of design yet enhanced by the most advanced technology for a perfect sound sleep.>>>Design : Classical Beauty>>>System : Lotus exclusive Super Bonnel® 2800 series technology provides higher number of high quality spring coils to over two thousands, which can be simply translated into more comfort and longer lifespan.>>>Topper : The ECCP® pad plus 1 layer of Medium/firm specification of Talalay™ Latex help to increase flexibility and provide optimum firmness for perfect back contour massage.>>>Finish Style : Luxurious taped rims with traditional beauty. Enhanced with two Pillow Top Quilt™ on both sides of the mattress offering different feels, firm on one and medium/plush on the other.>>>Fabric Cover : Knitted grade apparel combined with finest natural fibers>>>Extra Cares : Allergy Protection® coatings for protection against growth dust mites and bacteria. Keep your loved ones and you away from allergies causing compounds.

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