LEENA Perfectly developed for those who are fond of medium-firm mattress with modern beauty. Leena collection benefits from Lotus exclusive Super Bonnelฎ 3600 series technology giving a perfect back contour with plush latex topper from the top and a firm support from the bottom core.>>>Design : Easy Lifestyle>>>System : Lotus exclusive Super Bonnel® 3600 series technology provides higher number of high quality spring coils to over three thousands, which can be simply translated into more comfort and longer lifespan. Anti-Sag Encasement™, which securely guards all sides of spring coils, helps provide firm edge, prevent spring collapse, and improves spring durability and lifespan.>>>Topper : The ECCP® pad plus 1 layer of Medium/Plush specification of Talalay™ Latex help to increase flexibility and is three times more resistant to dust mites.>>>Finish Style : Handmade with edgeless style. Enhanced with Pillow Top Insert™ (hides Pillow Top Quilt™ at both ends of the mattress) latest form of fine art on bed by Lotus.>>>Fabric Cover : Velour Knitted grade apparel combined with finest natural fibers>>>Extra Cares : Sanicare® and Aloe-Vera® coatings for permanent resistance against dust mites and bacteria for its lifetime, and soothing your skin nicely with natural extract moisturizer from Aloe Vera.

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