ADVANCE Specially designed and developed for firm mattress lovers with just right amount of comfort, under the concept of Advance model of sleep gears that meet the ISP’s standards (International Sleep Product Association). It’s simply beautiful, comfortable with every touch, and healthy for everyone.>>>Design : Traditional Elegance>>>System : Lotus exclusive Super Bonnel® 1800 series technology provides condensed form of 1.9 mm spring coils. Benefits from nearly two thousands coils, it can be simply translated into firmer support and long sweet dreams.>>>Topper : The ECCP® pad offers increased security of firm support while maintains optimal level of comfort by balancing and absorbing weight pressure.>>>Finish Style : Luxurious taped rims with traditional beauty.>>>Fabric Cover : Semi-Knitted grade apparel combined with finest natural fibers>>>Extra Cares : Allergy Protection® coatings for protection against growth dust mites and bacteria. Keep your loved ones and you away from allergies causing.

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